What is Bristol OSCAR

Bristol OSCAR was founded in 1984 to raise awareness of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia in Bristol and surrounding areas. The Bristol Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre was established in July 1991 as a base for counselling, information and educational resources on Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia disorders.

The centre is committed to working in partnership with local authorities to improve the quality of life of sufferers and and their carers.

It is a unique resource in the South West, used by people with the disorders, the carers, health professionals, statutory and voluntary organisations, educational institutes and members of the general public. It provides information counselling, outreach work and support.

The centre relies on volunteers to assist in the running of the centre. It is an independent charitable organisation, managed by a committee of volunteers who are democratically elected at an Annual General Meeting. The centre is maintained by fund raising activities, donations and grants from public and private organisations. 

Bristol OSCAR’s Mission Statement

  • to promote the relief of persons suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia blood disorders
  • to educate the public in order to increase knowledge and understanding of Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia Blood Disorders
  • to promote research into the nature, prevalence, treatment and prevention of Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia Blood Disorders
  • to raise the level of awareness of Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia Blood Disorders among the public and the medical profession, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Bristol and surrounding areas
  • to offer support and counselling to people with Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia and other related haemaglobinpathies
  • to raise funds and to invite or receive donations and contributions whether subscriptions or otherwise
  • to support and sponsor promising areas of research  
  • to do all such other lawful things as shall further charitable objectives of the organisation

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The board of trustees would like to thank Festival Republic and Coutts for their generous donation to Bristol OSCAR